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It might be time to re-examine my WoW habit

When the people at MIT design a “pod” from which to play World of Warcraft, which includes a toilet stowed into the gamer’s seat, it is definitely time to give some thought to the time I spend playing the game. An entire culture could emerge in these games around the mediation between the virtual and … Continue reading

5 Things that are surprisingly awesome

Sweet potato fries. Unless there’s something pathologically wrong with you, you already recognize the deliciousness of normal fries. Sweet potatoes just take it to the next level, adding an actual flavour to the heady mix of grease and salt. Added bonus: you can lie to yourself about them being healthy. Slippers. Previously the domain of … Continue reading

Things to do in WoW while getting it on

It’s surprising how often I hear a guy wistfully express how sex (or even just a blowjob) while he’s playing WoW would be amazing, but (oh so startlingly), his girlfriend just won’t comply. Less often, but still out there, are the stories from guys boasting about how they have fulfilled this nerd fantasy. The common … Continue reading